Triple Glazing

Our triple glazed A+12 rated windows offer the best heat retention properties and warmth of any of our frames, making them ideal for north-facing windows. By maximising the sun’s rays, the extra glass panel helps to reflect heat back inside, making your home warmer and heating bills lower.

If you want a home that’s both warm and energy efficient, our A+12 rated triple glazed windows are the perfect choice. As well as keeping in warmth, they have the best acoustic performance and sound insulation properties. With our triple glazing installed your home will be warmer, benefit from less noise and increased security. You could also enjoy cheaper heating bills.

To maximise the sun’s energy, our triple glazing features two panes of Low E glass and one pane of Low-Iron glass. The invisible metal coating on Low-E glass reflects heat back into your room, making it much warmer and cheaper to heat. That means with triple glazed windows, you can increase the energy efficiency of your home by up to a third, compared with double glazing.

Triple glazing is ideal for north-facing windows or elevations where there is little benefit from natural sunlight, here triple will give you the best insulation property of any of our windows. As you probably won’t need it in every room, you can mix and match the windows in your home to suit the aspect and elevation of each room - our experts can talk you through each room to help you choose the best combination for your needs.

As well as excellent heat retaining properties, the extra glass panel in our triple glazed windows also provide fantastic sound insulation so they’re ideal for homes where background noise is a problem.