Helping Us To Help You

After your sales contract has been completed, it will be taken to your local Sales Office and thoroughly checked. Sometimes, we may need to call you from the Sales Office to verify something that may not be clear on the contract. This checking system is designed to safeguard your interests and ensure that there are no problems with your installation.

A copy of your contract will be sent to our surveying department so that they may make an appointment with you to carry out a detailed survey before manufacture. You should normally hear from them 24 hours after contract completion. The surveyor will book an appointment to suit you. Appointments are generally made between 8.00am and 4:00pm, Mon- Fri.

Your order will be manufactured as per the survey, so it is essential that you are present when the surveyor calls. You must be completely aware of any changes or additions to your survey. If anything is to be added to or removed from your contract during the surveyor’s visit, the surveyor will call the Sales Office for updated prices.

Once the surveyor has completed their review, they will go through it thoroughly with you and ask you to sign the survey. We only process orders with signed surveys.

Upon completion of the survey, your project will be handed to our processing and manufacture department. During the manufacture process, you will hear from our Scheduling team to arrange a suitable installation date, if one has not already been agreed. Installations are carried out Mon-Fri, starting at 7.30am.


Prior to the arrival of our installers on the day of your installation, it would help us if you would:

  • Remove all curtains or blinds and fittings in the work area.
  • Move furniture and remove ornaments from the work area.
  • Remove fittings you wish to keep from your windows and doors.
  • Remove any cables attached to frames (e.g. TV Aerial cable).
  • Arrange to have any alarm systems temporarily disconnected.
  • If your installation involves brickwork, please arrange to have radiators and electrical sockets removed from the work area.


  • Normally leave the depot between 6.30am and 7.30am.
  • Require the use of power sockets.
  • Generally commence work upstairs.
  • Provide sufficient, clean dustsheets to cover the floor areas in your house.
  • Demonstrate product operation.
  • Remove rubbish caused by installation.
  • Collect final payment upon completion.