Flush Sash Windows in the UK

Our heritage flush casement windows are made from uPVC and designed to look like a traditional 19th-century wooden frame. They have all the benefits of a modern uPVC window and are available in a range of designs and colour options. Flush sash windows feature mechanical joints that look like authentic carpentry, so are often accepted by planning officers. Whilst they are made for period and conservation projects, the flush exterior has a minimal look that is also suited to more modern buildings and renovations.

Whether you are undertaking a conservation scheme, a newly built home, or a renovation, our Flush Sash Window Upminster System is an ideal choice for any project. The Timberlook PVCu window system effectively imitates traditional and heritage designs, making it a perfect choice for historical and preservation initiatives.

As we are an experienced flush sash windows supplier, our flush sash windows are well-suited for contemporary lifestyles, as they offer energy efficiency and require minimal maintenance. AGS is located in Upminster but operates throughout all of Essex and London including local areas to you such as Romford, Hornchurch, Brentwood, Shenfield, Chigwell, Loughton, Woodford, Billericay, and Chelmsford, and would love to help you with your new project.

Advancements in technology and materials have been rapidly progressing, leading to the development of windows that are more energy-efficient, durable, secure, and recyclable. We feel that taking a look back occasionally has its merits too. It enables us to preserve the look and feel of our architectural heritage and to make the most of those designs and aesthetics that were perfected long ago. Our Timberlook PVCu Flush Sash windows are virtually indistinguishable from timber, yet have significant advantages. They are undoubtedly more affordable than real wood and can have a significant impact on the comfort and appearance of any property. Those advances in materials and the manufacturing process also mean that their insulation performance is better than ever while being easy to maintain.

  • Much easier and cost-effective to maintain than timber.
  • Wide range of traditional & contemporary woodgrain finishes.
  • Choose from modern or period-style handles and furniture.
  • Energy-efficient system with double or triple glazing.

Although real timber possesses a captivating beauty, it is susceptible to changes in size, such as swelling and shrinking, as well as warping and twisting, influenced by weather conditions. Wooden window frames come with a higher price tag and require consistent care and maintenance over time. The cost and time taken to preserve their appearance soon add up. Timber-look Heritage Flush Sash Windows simply do not need that maintenance.

The exterior finish of Timberlook features a flush appearance and square mortise & tenon design, closely resembling traditional casement windows. Internally, the Timber look showcases a sophisticated aesthetic that combines modern technologies with a traditional look. It serves as an excellent choice for any residence or structure, offering a diverse range of period colours and wood-effect finishes, including textured foils and woodgrain options. Among these colours is a Smooth Anthracite 7016 Grey finish that harmonizes with the popular colour of aluminium bi-fold doors.

After finalizing your preferences, they can provide you with a precise quotation based on your specifications. Our craftsmen will then install your Flush Sash windows, ensuring that they fit perfectly.

AGS, as a Flush Sash Windows Supplier, covers many areas within London and across Essex including Romford, Brentwood, Hornchurch, Upminster, Chigwell, Loughton, Chelmsford, Billericay, and Woodford.

The Best Of Both Worlds

Timber-look windows offer a seamless blend of traditional aesthetics and contemporary advancements in technology, manufacturing, and materials, providing the advantages of both worlds. These windows accurately replicate the beauty of timber heritage windows while incorporating the benefits of state-of-the-art PVCu products. In essence, we have reinvented wooden windows for the modern era, offering a perfect fusion of timeless charm and innovative design for the 21st century.

Flush sash windows can be found in buildings from all periods, owing to their refined simplicity. The understated and minimal appearance it’s perfect in contemporary properties too. You can now achieve the desired character appearance without compromising on thermal efficiency and security when it comes to windows. Tradition working with technology.

We are a well-renowned flush sash windows supplier and our are made in Great Britain by one of the largest fabricators of PVCu & Aluminium window and door systems and would be the perfect choice for your own home, maintaining respect for the architecture of the past while preparing your home to last well into the future.

Flush French Doors

The production process for the Flush Door varies slightly from that of the window. To provide the extra strength required by the larger glass unit sizes in a door, we use a discreet diagonal weld. Every effort has been made to ensure that this does not detract from the overall style, making Timberlook the ideal option for your whole building or renovation project. All doors must open out but can be fitted with astragal bars, while taller apertures may have a fanlight.

The Flush Door system is designed to seamlessly complement the Timberlook Heritage Flush Sash Window. It is meticulously crafted to replicate the appearance and texture of our traditional PVCu windows, offering a harmonious colour palette and coordinating furniture options from the Standard and Premium Regency ranges. Our open-out doors are thoughtfully equipped with discreet hinges to preserve the authentic heritage aesthetic.

Our Flush Sash Windows come with contemporary handles as standard but can be enhanced with our Premium Regency Furniture. This includes a Dummy Stay, Monkey-tail Handle, or a Teardrop Handle. They are all available in a choice of finishes and feature built-in security like key-locking handles, sash locks, and child safety restrictors. Our furniture options will only enhance the authentic frame proportions and the chamfered edges that replicate putty lines.


The Timberlook range of colours and finishes has been carefully selected to complement buildings of any age. Regardless of the specific type of stone, brick, or mortar used or the location of the project, such as Upminster, Hornchurch, Romford, Brentwood, Shenfield, Loughton, Woodford, Chigwell, Billericay, or Chelmsford, there is a suitable option available to cater to any undertaking. Our selection of woodgrain effects includes oak and rosewood. There are grey finishes for more modern homes, including the anthracite foil that works well with modern aluminium windows and doors. Chartwell Green has always been a popular choice, but one of our favourites is the grey-green Painswick colour. We can also accommodate dual-colour options, to help match with existing decor.

Timber look introduces a fresh Flush Sash Window system featuring a square mortise & tenon appearance for both the sash and outer frame, diverging from the typical mitered joints associated with PVCu windows. Furthermore, the Timber look incorporates a 70mm back-to-front frame size, facilitating quicker installation, a sleek 60mm sash that faithfully imitates a timber sash, and a standard night latch for added convenience.

Completing the look

Selecting the appropriate windows is just one aspect of a successful renovation or construction project. As an experienced flush sash windows supplier in the field, we offer an extensive selection of products that can be seamlessly integrated into your project. Enhance your space and create a seamless indoor-outdoor transition by choosing from our range of sliding or bi-folding aluminium doors, allowing you to open up the area and embrace the surrounding environment. The strength-to-weight ratio of aluminium allows us to accommodate large glass units, with fewer and slimmer sightlines, flooding your rooms with light and increasing the sense of space.

Our range of aluminium roof lights and lantern systems can enhance this effect by offering minimal sightlines and uninterrupted views of the sky. Additionally, composite doors provide an ideal solution for entrances, as they come in various styles and colours that perfectly complement the integrity, appearance, and ambiance of the Timberlook Flush Sash and its heritage project.

Through the careful matching of colours and finishes, we can guarantee a visually appealing and harmonious overall aesthetic that remains consistent throughout.

  • Made in Britain
  • Accredited levels of security
  • BBA Certified Products
  • Professional Installation
  • 10 Year Guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly, uPVC, aluminium, and timber are used to manufacture flush sash windows. At AGS, we supply timber-look uPVC and aluminium flush sash windows.

What are the benefits of flush sash windows? The benefits are:

  • Provides a sleek and modern look.
  • Offers excellent thermal efficiency.
  • Provides good noise insulation.
  • Requires minimal maintenance.

It depends on the local regulations and guidelines. Consulting local authorities or conservation officers is recommended to ensure compliance with specific regulations.

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